Gillian Russell.png

Age Group Coach


The beginning of my swimming career began like most people, I joined swimming lessons and worked my way onto the Valley East Waves Swim Team. Progressing quickly, I rose through the ranks and swam at different levels until I qualified for provincials at the age of 12.

I had to temporarily leave the competitive swimming life due to family illness. When I returned to my swimming career during high school, I became the first midget girl in my area to qualify for OFSAA in 50m Freestyle. I continued to attend OFSAA all four years of high school.

After high school I joined the training division of the varsity team at Laurentian University. At the age of 20 I returned to swim competitively alongside the swimmers I coached on the Nickle City Aquatics team.

A few years ago I moved to Saugeen Shores to begin my teaching career and joined the coaching staff of the Breakers Swim Team. I originally started coaching on Tuesday nights with Coach Jeff to help develop the younger swimmers technical skills. My second year coaching with Breakers I was the lead coach for the White program. Last year, during the Breakers transition year I was asked to lead the team as the interim Head Coach.

I have recently progressed my coaching certification to the swimming 201 level and I am hoping to have a swimmer make Provincials this season so I can finish my certification at that level.

I am pleased to have been chosen by the interview panel and Board of Directors to be the Breakers Swim Team’s first ever paid Head Coach.

As your Head Coach I will continue to oversee and develop the overall training plan for the season and I will continue to develop our swimmers' technique as well as endurance by building a reputable program supported by dryland training, development of basic mental skills and nutrition. 

With the increase in coaching staff this season, I will be working with the coaching staff to develop the technique and swimmer endurance at the Junior Blue and Senior Blue level, helping develop and maintain an appropriate and beneficial dry land program for our Gold’s and Senior Blue level, and ensuring endurance and high intensity training is maintained for our Gold swimmers.

To that end, my coaching time will be split between the Blue levels and Gold level.


As my strength is the technical skills that are required for effective and efficient strokes you will find that I am spending as much time as possible with the Blue levels in order to ensure their technical skills are improved and maintained for progression to the Gold level. The Gold swimmers will train with Coach Justin and Coach Jeff when I am working with the Blue swimmers.


Looking forward to this exciting new season. We have a great additions to our coaching staff. See you in September!