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Head Coach


I started my swimming lessons at the outdoor pool at Harrison Park in Owen Sound at the age of six.  Summers were spent swimming in Lake Huron or a relatives’ outdoor pool in Southampton.  It was after the birth of my son in 1981 and attending his swimming lessons that I soon realized he would be a better swimmer than me if I didn’t take some adult swimming lessons and I signed up for lessons.  I had a “love” for swimming and within 2 years, I made my way through all the Red Cross programs.


I started teaching swimming lesson at Centennial Pool in 1984.  It was early 1985 when I was expecting my second child that I could no longer teach the younger swimmers due to safety issues while being pregnant. The pool manager asked if I would help with Breakers Swim Team.  Eager to stay in the swimming loop, I started coaching with the Blue level.


In the 1980’s Breakers enrollment was large with 28 swimmers in Gold, 32 swimmers in Blue and White level consisted of 20 swimmers in 3 blocks of 12 weeks.  We had a coaching staff of 12+.  Each level had a main coach and a head coach to oversee all levels and attend regional meetings once a month. 

Over my 25 years with the team, I worked mainly with the Blue level for 23 years, 2 years with the Gold practices only.  From 1992-1996, I was Head Coach of the team.  In 2011, I left Breakers to help with the Lifesaving Club.  Summer of 2017, I was asked to return to Breakers with the White level and help to rebuild the lower levels back to the enrollment of the 1980’s.  At this time I also continue to teach swimming lessons and aqua fit as staff part time at Centennial Pool and help with the lifesaving team.

I have been asked to oversee the entire White group again this season and I am looking forward to building on last season’s success and continuing to help grow the team. Although I will be concentrating on the White program I will continue to be involved with the Junior Blue group as well.


Looking forward to seeing everyone in September!

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