The Breakers Swim Team offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and abilities. From the new swimmer who can only swim a length of the pool to a seasoned athlete training to race at the national level, our team has a program for you.

Come join our team!

You have nothing to lose, only something to gain:

Physical Fitness: Swimming helps develop high quality aerobic endurance, flexibility, coordination, and muscle strength, thus building a strong foundation for a lifetime of good health.

Character Development: Being part of a swim team fosters self-discipline, self-confidence, responsibility, perseverance, good sportsmanship, and teamwork. These traits can produce world-class citizens, as well as world-class athletes! Swimmers learn to strive for excellence, and to face challenges with courage but come to understand that if they do their very best, failures are hard to come by.


Building Relationships: Many close friendships have had their beginning at our pool, not just between swimmers, but between their families as well. Becoming involved with a swim team can also promote closeness within the family unit, as parents commit to helping swimmers achieve their goals.


All you need is to be able to complete 25m of non-stop swimming FR and/or BK and we will teach you the rest. This session-based program offers swimmers who aren’t sure if competitive swimming is for them but aren’t being challenged enough with normal swim lessons to get the best of both worlds. Mini-Breakers allows swimmers to experience what it feels like to be apart of a swim team and discover new techniques pertaining to competitive swimming such as flip turns.


At this level, our swimmers should be able to swim 50m non-stop FR and/or BK and know the fundamentals of BR and Fly. Three forty-five-minute practices are offered every week to develop their strength and endurance by using a combination of drills and games to promote proper alignment and balance. Participating in local swim meets and some of our team challenge meets, these young swimmers will begin to experience what it’s like to compete against other teams, but more importantly, how to achieve their personal best by using what they’ve learnt during practice.

Whites Weekly Practice Schedule-2021/2022


Swimmers in this group have a high level of competitive swimming experience, as well as commitment to the sport.  Individualized training plans help these swimmers reach their full potential.

Junior Blues Weekly Practice Schedule-2021/2022


The swimmers who find themselves in this group have shown the coaches the skills necessary to perform the events listed below and have reached 80% or more of the times listed alongside them. They are also ready to begin dryland training once a week to develop the various muscle groups with strength/resistance training as well as getting a good foundation for core strength and cardio. During dryland sessions they will also begin learning about proper training diet and nutrition and how to maintain their mental health while juggling outside factors (i.e., school, friends, family, etc.). These swimmers can either be on their way to becoming a Gold but don’t quite have the stamina necessary to complete the additional morning practices or aren’t interested in the Train to Train/Train to Compete division.

Senior Blues Weekly Practice Schedule2021/2022


These swimmers will find themselves swimming at least ten and a half hours a week including four morning practices. In the pool, they will be building their endurance, breath control and perfecting their starts, turns, finishes and underwater kick. Two sessions of dryland training are added to ensure they do not plateau by further developing their muscle group strength and endurance as well as continuing to build their core strength and cardio. During dryland sessions they will also be reviewing proper training regime nutrition and how to maintain their mental health while juggling outside factors (i.e., school, friends, family, etc.). Additional swimmer-coach meetings will be schedules to establish goals for the season and to review the swimmer’s progress. The meetings ensure that the swimmer has the mindset for the Train to Train/Train to Compete division since they should be making female and male regional times and getting close or achieving provincial level times.

Golds Weekly Practice Schedule

  • Provide swimmers with the highest quality coaching available.

  • Maintain a supportive and productive swimming environment.

  • Recognize each individual and value their efforts on behalf of our team.

  • Encourage mutual respect between swimmers, coaches and families.


  • Promote the ideals of self-discipline, hard work, goal- achievement, pursuit of excellence, teamwork, and good   sportsmanship through competition for swimmers of all levels of proficiency.

  • Develop highly skilled individuals and therefore, a highly competitive swim team.

  • Foster outstanding volunteer support through our families’ engagement.


All of our swim team coaches are members of the CSCTA (Canadian Swim Coaches and Teachers Association).  Competitve Coaches have also been trained by Swim Ontario, the governing body of swimming in Ontario.